6 Adventure Sports In Rishikesh For Every Thrill Seeker Will Force You To Plan a Trip Right Now!!


River Rafting- Best Recreational Adventure Activities

Average Price: About INR 1100 on average Season: Throughout October until May

Flying Fox- Awe-inspiring Adventure Sport in Rishikesh

Average price: INR 1700-1800 on average Season: Through October till May.

Kayaking or Canoeing- Popular Thrill Activity

Average cost: 3000 rupees on average Best Season: Summer and Spring are the best seasons.

Cliff Jumping- An Adventurous Recreational Activity

Best Season: April-October is the best time to visit. Average cost: Included in the price of your river rafting trip.

Waterfall Trekking- for a Delightful Experience

Best time to visit: April to October, bypassing the monsoon season if possible. Average PP Cost: 30/- PP for an entry ticket; you may also arrange a hiking excursion for an additional fee.

Rappelling – An adventurous sport in Rishikesh

Best Time to go: April-October Average Cost PP: Approx. INR 600/- PP onwards