Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

After studying several Statue of Unity Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel across the country, a team of historians, artists, and academics led the Indian sculptor Ram V. Ghose to proceed with the design presented by Sutar. Manifestation, posture and posture justify dignity, confidence, iron will, and kindness to have his personality expelled. Three models of the design were built at the beginning of 3 feet, 18 feet and 30 feet. Once the design of the largest model was approved, a detailed 3D-scan was designed that was the basis for the bronze cast at a workshop in China.

Known as the ‘Ironman’ of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel played an important role in India’s freedom struggle, and then for the unification of more than 500 princely states in the Union of India.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of independent India. He was known as the “Iron Man of India” because of his determination, courage and great ability to unify the country through the merger of 552 princely states. Sardar Patel was a major supporter of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy during the non-violent Indian independence movement.

  • About Construction

India’s major infrastructure company L&T won the contract for design, construction and maintenance on 27 October 2014 for its lowest bid of Rs 2,989 crore, equivalent to Rs 36 billion in 2018. They started construction on 31 October 2014. In Phase-1 of the project, Rs 1,347 crore was spent for the main Statue of Unity, Rs 235 crore was spent for the exhibition hall and convention centre, Rs 83 crore was spent for the bridge connecting the memorial. After its completion, the mainland and Rs 657 crore was spent on the maintenance of the structure for 15 years.

According to an L&T official, he has hired more than 3000 workers and 250 engineers to build the statue. The foundation of the statue used 210,000 cubic meters of cement concrete, 6500 tons of structural steel and 18500 tons of thick steel. The exterior has 1700 tons of bronze plates and 1850 tons of bronze, which in turn consists of 565 macro and 6000 micro panels.

Statue of Unity is built in a way that can stand against winds of 180 km / h and an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale at a depth of 10 km and within the radius of 12 km.

  • Top 3 Places To See Near Statue of Unity
  1. Bharuch – the oldest city of Gujarat

Bharuch is the oldest city of Gujarat. It is the second oldest city in India with frequent settlements, first being Kashi (Varanasi). Bharuch has a known history of about 8000 years. Bharuch is one of the oldest cities in Gujarat, situated at the mouth of the Narmada River. If you plan to visit the Statue of Unity, keep Bharuch on your itinerary and experience the archaeological charm of the place.

  • Attractions: Golden Bridge, Narmada Park, Zarwani Waterfall, Bhrigu Hrishi Temple, and Shri Swaminarayan Temple
  • Distance From Statue Of Unity: 91 km

2. Zarwani Waterfall

Waterfalls are some of the most magical natural wonders one can ever see. Gharwani waterfalls are also no less. These milky white water springs are sitting in the middle of Shwaleshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The scenic views and panoramic landscapes that the waterfalls offer are magical. Species of plants and birds live here in abundance. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity not only for nature lovers, but also for bird watchers to escape the bustle of the city.

  • Attractions: Various species of plants and birds
  • Location: Dhirkhadi, Gujarat 393155
  • Distance From Statue Of Unity: 15 km

3. Kabirism – a historically significant place

Kabirism is a banyan tree located on a small river island in the Narmada River. It is in Bharuch district, Gujarat, India. The tree and location are associated with the 15th-century mystic poet Kabir. There is a temple dedicated to Kabir. It is believed that the banyan tree grew from Datun. There is a scenic river island, known for its banyan tree over 3 km of the area. The place is named after the great saint Kabir, who lived here for many years. Kabirism can be reached via ferry from Shuklathirtha Shiva temple.

  • Attractions: Kavir Temple
  • Location: Kabirvad river island, Narmada River, Bharuch district, Gujarat
  • Distance From Statue Of Unity: 60 km


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