Tourist Visa to Remain Suspended for Chinese Visits

Tourist Visa to Remain Suspended for Chinese Visits

Chinese Embassy in India has updated the Covi-19 visa policy after 2 long years of the pandemic. The country has now raised a ban on visas imposed on Indian professionals and families who were restricted to enter the country due to covid protocols.

The decision of lifting the ban on a visa would make thousand of Indians travel to China for professional and personal purposes. This move will be a great relief for Indians who were stuck in the country since 2020 when the pandemic started.

Several Indian professionals in China urged the External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar to convince the Beijing Administration to allow their families to enter the Country by removing the ban.

The Chinese Embassy based in New Delhi also stated that along with Indians the Chinese citizens and foreigners with Chinese permanent residence permits willing to visit their families in China can also apply for visas.

However, Visas for tourist purposes or travel purposes would still be suspended as the authorities are still concerned about the spread of viruses from different areas.

China has also started processing the request of thousands of Indian students applying for student visas. While most the countries have lifted the ban on tourist arrival it is worth seeing how patient traveler lovers ought to be.   

A Glimpse of the Indo-China Relationships

While both the countries are in the developing phase the Chinese economy has been soaring for years with impactful decisions and business strategies.

India on the other hand is one of the most influential countries in the Asian Continent emerging as a market leader in various industries.

Although the difference between the GDP of both the countries is quite decent (China has higher GDP than India) the duo has a major contribution to fulfilling the overall needs of the world.

Since 2 superpowers always clash claiming their strength in different sectors the two nations are no other. There is a border dispute between the countries which strangles the overall development of both when any dispute arises and diplomatic relations dwindle. 

While the two nations have extraordinary power which can be used to better the world there is no common harmony which causes dangers for both. Prioritizing politics overgrowth will always cause more harm than benefit. 

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