International Travelers

The US Lifts Covid 19 Travel Restrictions for International Travelers

The Biden government lifts travel restrictions for International Travelers which restricted travellers to entry into the country if they had positive results a day before boarding the country. 

It was one of the last mandates of the list of other restrictions which was previously removed by the government as the virus became normal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Sunday that all the requirements have been lifted from this morning. 

However, the health department will be monitoring the virus anyway and reassess the testing requirements if the situation changes. 

“This step is possible because of the progress we’ve made in our fight against COVID-19,” said the U.S. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra.

The decision came after hundreds of requests from the Airline and tourism groups to remove the restrictions as it was discouraging the tourist to book tickets as they had a fear that it would be a very challenging situation for them if they got stranded in the country they contract the virus on the trip.

Roger Dow, president of the U.S. Travel Association, called lifting the testing rule “another huge step forward for the recovery of inbound air travel and the return of international travel to the United States”

In May US travel remained 24% below the 2019 level, according to the trade group airlines. 
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Airlines argued that the decision to impose the restrictions was made when only a few Americans were vaccinated. Now, the majority of the population is vaccinated along with all the older people of the country and since the virus is also not that effective now the restriction should be lifted. 

Although the domestic travel in the country has returned to its pre-pandemic level International travel is still struggling which is an attractive source of income for the Airlines.