South Korea to Remove 7-Day Mandatory Quarantine for Unvaccinated Tourists

South Korea to Remove 7-Day Mandatory Quarantine for Unvaccinated Tourists

South Korea is going to remove its 7-day mandatory quarantine applied to unvaccinated tourists from June 8. Han Duck-Soo the Prime Minister of the country shared the news in the public domain.

Although, foreign tourists will have to take the RT PCR test within 3 days (72hrs) of entering the country. The Prime Minister also said that they will normalize the international flight along with the lifting of the curfew at Incheon International Airport.

By doing so the number of international flights will increase to its pre-pandemic level of 40 as compared to the current of 20. Since the demand for foreign travel is increasing in the country as the situation has been normalized after 2 years of pathetic and destructive covid-19 the government has decided to lift all the restrictions related to travel.

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“While there was a 7-day quarantine obligation for non-vaccinated foreign arrivals until now, such requirement will be eliminated from June 8 regardless of their vaccination status,” – PM Han Duck-Soo

In our previous articles, we have mentioned how other countries have also removed covid restrictions looking at the interest of foreign visitors in the country. Since tourism offers a great percentage of the GDP of many countries everyone wants to get rid of any kind of restrictions that may affect their revenue.

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In a bid to boost tourism, South Korea has announced the removal of the mandatory 7-day quarantine for unvaxxed international arrivals from June 8. 

At the current time, South Korea is not allowing any flight to land between 8 pm and 5 pm as part of the covid restriction manuals. To meet the rising demand the government will also remove the weekly international flight limit for June 8.

Earlier the government has decided to increase weekly international flights between 100 to 300 starting from May.