Shah Rukh Khan's 'worldwide popularity' once helped a travel vlogger earn big discounts in Bali, Indonesia

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Worldwide Popularity’ Once Helped a Travel Vlogger Earn Big Discounts in Bali, Indonesia

Shah Rukh Khan may have never worked in Hollywood or never intended to, but his popularity has spread all over the world. More than being known for his chivalry, his bond with his fans is no secret.

The superstar has repeatedly said that he lives for his fans and his love for them never ends. We have seen the support of his fans for the superstar himself, both in happy and distressing moments.

Be it on his birthday, Eid or Aryan Khan’s drug controversy, fans can’t seem to leave Shah Rukh’s side even for a day.

We often hear stories about Shahrukh Khan and his fans that make our hearts smile but now we are going to tell you about one such fan who is making the best use of Shahrukh’s popularity.

Yes, you heard that right! We recently found a video of a travel blogger who talks about her complete Bali trip to Indonesia. But what caught our attention is Bali’s love for Shah Rukh Khan.

In the middle of a video published under the Distance Between YouTube channel, the vlogger is seen narrating his journey from Point A to Point B.

In the midst of his travels, he meets a local man from Bali, who is a big fan of Shahrukh. When the vlogger asks him to sing any song of SRK, he starts shouting, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.”

The superstar has repeatedly said that he lives for his fans and his love for them never ends.

Wonderful, Right!

At the end of the video, explaining the cost of a Bali trip, the vlogger ends the video by saying, People in Bali are huge fans of Shah Rukh Khan and making the best use of their popularity, he also asks for discounts. and during his travels and stay in Bali.

Laugh out loud!

So when are you planning your next trip to Bali? Make sure you follow his advice to save at least a few bucks?

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan will be next seen in Pathan and Rajkumar Hirani Dunki opposite Taapsee Pannu.

The superstar is also rumoured to have a cameo in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3.

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