Flying from Dubai

Passengers Flying from Dubai to India Likely to Pay a High Fare Price

The airfare for passengers flying from Dubai to India is likely to increase in the upcoming months. The current fair price between Dubai to India stands at Dh1,500 (Rs 31,728.41) to Dh1,600 (Rs 33,843.63) approximately.

The increase might take a huge surge in the price up to Dh3,000which is approximately double the current price.

Since Dubai has emerged as a hub of tourism due to its growth whether in the form of huge buildings, beautiful beaches, transport, etc the people across want to come here. The increase in the prices is going to add huge profit for the tourist department of Dubai while it is going to add huge pressure on the people who were wishing to travel to Dubai.

In June, July & August when there are summer vacations the demand for flying from Dubai to India remains high as people return to their homes after vacation. So, it will be worth watching if the price increase put any impact on the number of people traveling in the country or not.

“Flights to home countries are expensive while flying to Europe and the US is a challenge. 

Airfares to popular destinations to India, Pakistan, and other Indian subcontinent countries will see a sharp increase in the coming weeks as expat families will increasingly fly to their home countries,” – Avinash Adnani (Managing Director of Pluto Travels)

Travel Requirements for UAE Citizens:

Since covid restrictions are usually imposed on people with positive covid cases which is obvious in Dubai also. The one thing that people traveling outside or coming back to Dubai will get rid of is that they will no longer have to show a negative RT PCR test to take approval from the General Director of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

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