Najafgarh Drain Going to Reestablish Its Identity as Eco-Tourism Destination

Najafgarh Drain Going to Reestablish Its Identity as Eco-Tourism Destination

Najafgarh drain which is an extension of Najafgarh Jheel (Lake) and part of Sahibi River continues its flow in Delhi and flows into Yamuna River and is going to revamp its identity.

Now the 57 km long drain of the erstwhile proposed bird sanctuary is one of the polluted areas of Delhi-NCR. Its major source Najafgarh Jheel is in the worst condition.

However, the government is planning to rejuvenate it into an eco-tourism destination in the upcoming years. Currently, all untreated sewage accumulated in the drain from the neighbouring areas.

As per the new development plans, the drain will be developed in a way that it can support water activities, boat riding, etc. To do this the administration has proposed that it must have a certain depth.

The problem and challenges that are coming to the administration to shape this idea are not surprising at all. If you ever visited Delhi you must have absorbed how dirty the drains here are. The major challenges are heavy siltation, excessive growth of water hyacinth, accumulation of solid waste, and a few others.

The concerned agencies have been given the task of desilt the drain and putting the mesh in various places to stop the wastage from falling into the drain.

The embankment areas will be revamped with landscaping work and plantation to give it a glorious look. Meanwhile having pros of the decision has also some cons.

Since the destination will attract more people to the areas causing crowd accumulation from different areas. Also, there is a high chance that the Najafgarh Jheel would directly bear the brunt of human activities.

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