Japan to Open Forest Tourist Entries in the Country

Japan to Open Forest Tourist Entries in the Country

TOKYO – Japan is going to remove Foreign Tourist Entry barriers after 2 long years of Covid-19 restrictions for 98 countries. The impact and destruction of Covid-19 led the country to impose high restrictions. However, the country has still some restrictions on foreign visitors.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Japan has divided the Covid situation into 3 groups Red, Yellow, and Green. These three groups will decide whether the tourists can skip quarantine measures or not.

In a statement, the Japanese Ministry said that it would allow people from USA, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore to enter the country in small groups. The move is going to extremely help the businesses like hotels, restaurants, and other businesses who had to rely on tourism.

Also, the country banned foreign visitors to enter the country during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. But the government has now allowed foreign a certain number of foreign arrivals which is 20,000 from June 1. From June 10 you can enter Japan for tour Groups.

Travel reservations indicate that the foreign visitors in Hawaii are going to be about 10% of the pre-pandemic level which could rise to 20% this summer and 50% by the fall.

The tour groups will be responsible to take care of the Covid-19 measures and Mask wearing to avoid any mishap. Since many countries have already opened their doors to foreign visitors Japan is no more an exception.

The Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida has said that he wants to make things easier for the travelers but it would take time amid covid-19 recovery. 

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