Canada Extended Covid-19 Restrictions for Another Month

Canada Extended Covid-19 Restrictions for Another Month

As the countries are opening their doors for tourism and travelers after a long disturbance and losses of people, economy, and businesses across the world Canada has extended it for another month.

That means if you are planning to travel to Canada you must be ready with all the guidelines issued by the authorities of the country.

The Public Health Agency of Japan has announced that it is going to extend Covid-19 restrictions for travelers for another month till June 30. 

So, the travelers must show they are fully vaccinated before the authority. Unvaccinated Canadian citizens and Permanent citizens are also required to show if they have taken the molecular covid-19 vaccine before entering the country with 14 days of necessary isolation.

 Vaccinated travelers are allowed to roam mask free around the country after arrival. They are also allowed to skip the 14-day isolation period.

Also, all travelers coming to Canada irrespective of their Canadian citizenship status have to submit their health information through the ArrivaCan App before entering the country. 

The pandemic measures and insufficient staff has led to massive custom delays as blamed by the Canadian Airport Council which is making huge line-up in the airport sometimes unmanageable.

Omar Alghabra the transport minister of Canada denied the blame referring to the equal incident that happened in Europe despite being fewer restrictions.

The decision came after the conservative party urged to lift all the covid-19 restrictions on the Federal Government which was denied in the House of Commons. 

“There’s a discussion to strike the right balance, to ensure that we maintain our eye on public health but also the fluidity of our economy,” Alghabra told The Canadian Press on his way into a cabinet meeting Tuesday. “That discussion is ongoing.”

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