48-Hour Mandatory Acclimatisation for Tourists Traveling to Ladakh

48-Hour Mandatory Acclimatisation for Tourists Traveling to Ladakh

If you are planning to visit Ladakh in this sweltering heat to relax and chill out with your family and friends then here is the thing you need to know. The tourists traveling to Ladakh will have to undergo 48 hours of necessary acclimatization in Leh before heading to their next journey in Ladakh.

The decision came after the Ladakh Administration wanted to prevent an increasing number of acute mountain sickness (AMS) and diseases among tourists and therefore decided to impose 2 days of acclimatization before moving to the cold desert region.

Tashi Gyalson, the chairman of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) convened a meeting including officers and stakeholders and discussed issues related to the tourism sector in Leh. 

Since Leh is situated at 3500 meters above sea level it can cause sickness to tourists traveling since they are not accommodated in this kind of sudden environment. Also, it has been seen that number of travelers get hospitalized in Leh due to climate differences.

The officials discussed several issues including the up-gradation of health facilities to cope with medical emergencies and especially at popular tourist destinations located at high altitudes. 

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Gyalson instructed all the officials and stakeholders to commence joint awareness camps and IEC campaigns to spread awareness among locals involved in the tourism industry.   

What Is Acclimatisation and Why It Is Necessary?

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) provoke when a person reaches a place located at a higher altitude. This can cause breathing problems, a decrease in oxygen level, fatigue, nausea, etc. Although this is subjective to a person there have been several cases of AMS which caused the administration to take this decision.

Acclimatization is necessary as upon arrival your body needs some time to adapt to the environment, especially the one in which you are not adaptive like Ladakh.

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