Zoological Parks in India, You Must Visit In 2022

10 Zoological Parks in India, You Must Visit In 2023

Nothing beats a firsthand encounter with nature; children, in particular, learn a lot when they are close to the elements. You may get up close and personal with the animals when you go to the zoo. A location where people of all ages may enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural surroundings. Hiking and spending a day at the zoo, seeing various animals, feeding them, and remaining close to nature are both enjoyable activities. And, for a close look at the country’s fauna, don’t miss out on these Zoological Parks in India. 

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1. National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park

The National Zoological Park, often known as the Delhi Zoo, is home to over 1350 animals representing nearly 130 different kinds of animals and birds worldwide.

This is one of Delhi’s oldest Zoological Parks in India, where you may spend the weekend with your children. It has several facilities and services. Visitors may walk around or rent a battery-powered car from the zoo.

The zoo animals include chimpanzees, hippopotamuses, spider monkeys, and zebras.

  • Started in:-Started in 1959
  • Location:-Delhi
  • Area:-0.71 km2 or 175.4 land portions
  • Timings:-  9.30 am to 4.30 pm
  • Entry fees:- Indians pay between 20 and 40 INR, whereas foreigners pay between 100 and 200 INR.

2. Mysore Zoo- Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden

Mysore Zoo- Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden

This zoo, located near the famed Mysore Palace, is home to over 168 species. Developed by the Lord of Mysore in his royal home, Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar, by a German exterior decorator and horticulturist, G.H. Krumbiegel. This is one of India’s oldest and greatest Zoological Parks in India, founded in the 18th century.

Bird sightings such as ostriches, pelicans, eagles, parrots, vultures, and many others. This zoo also features a lake park with beautiful waterfalls. You may learn about animals by going on a safari inside the zoo.

  • Started in:-1892
  • Location:-Mysore
  • Area:-0.99 km2 or 244 land portions
  • Timings:- 30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Entry fees:- 50 INR for adults and 20 INR for children

3. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

The Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, commonly known as Katraj Snake Park, is one of India’s most famous snake parks, located in Katraj near the city of Pune. This is a fascinating location to spend time for education and amusement. Enjoy a day at the zoo and get up and personal with the flora and wildlife.

This is a great area to spend time with your family and children.

This zoo is unique because the entire facility divides into three sections. The first is the animal halfway house, followed by a separate snake park, and finally, the zoo. This zoo gets its fame for housing the most deadly animals.

  • Started in:- 1999
  • Location:-Pune
  • Area:-0.53 km. or 130.9 sections of land
  • Timings:-9.30 am to 6.00 pm
  • Entry fees:- 15 INR, 5 INR for foreigners, and 25 INR for those with disabilities

4. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park situates, in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam and surrounds by the magnificent Eastern Ghats on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the other.

Visakhapatnam Zoo Park has primates, lesser carnivores, reptiles, and birds in their native habitats. This is one of Andhra Pradesh’s largest Zoological Parks in India, with various zones for the environment and wildlife enthusiasts to explore.

This zoo, dedicated to the late Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, is set within a natural reserve forest (Kambalakonda). It is home to around 80 different varieties of plants.

  • Started in:-1977
  • Location:-Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Area:-2.52 km2 or 625 land segments
  • Timings:-9.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Entry fees:-10 INR for adults, 5 INR for children

5. Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoological Park, often known as the Hyderabad Zoo, is one of the most popular places to visit in Hyderabad and is home to over 100 different species of birds, animals, and reptiles, including the Indian rhino, Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, panther, and gaur. 

This zoo, located in the capital of the newly formed Telangana state, is named after Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. It is home to around 1500 different animal and bird species. 

Rhinos, Asiatic lions, panthers, tigers, and other species are also found. There are several safari rides available for children to enjoy. Boating is another option. Within the park, there is an aquarium and a museum.

  • Started in:-1963
  • Location:- Hyderabad
  • Area:-1.53 km2 or 380 land portions
  • Timings:-8.00 am to 5.30 pm
  • Entry fees:- Adults pay 20 INR, children pay 10 INR.

6. Nandankanan Zoological Park

Nandankanan Zoological Parks in India

The Nandankanan Zoological Park, located in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is India’s most famous Zoo and botanical park.

Nandankanan Zoo is the second biggest  Zoological Parks in India. Nandankanan Zoo, often known as “The Garden of Heaven,” situates in Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha. This Zoo has the potential to become the first Indian Zoo to join the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

You may go on a white tiger safari in the marshes around Kanji Lake and go inside the Zoo to see different animal and bird zones. The Botanical Gardens cover a wide area of 75 hectares.

This zoo-cum-botanical park formation took place in 1960 but was not open to the public until 1979.

  • Started in:-1960
  • Location:-Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Area:- 4.006 km2 or 1080 land portions
  • Timings:- 7.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Entry fees:-50 INR for children, 10 INR for children, and 100 INR for foreigners

7. Padmaja Naidu

Padmaja Naidu

The Darjeeling Zoo, also known as the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, is India’s largest high-altitude Zoo, with successful captive breeding projects for the critically endangered Himalayan wolf and the Red panda.

It serves as the principal base for the Central Zoo Authority of India’s red panda program. It has significantly contributed to the captive breeding of the endangered Himalayan wolf, red panda, and snow leopard. 

Asiatic Black Bear, Barking Deer, Leopards, Yellow and Blue Macaw, Pangolins, Himalayan Wolf and Monal, Red Jungle Fowl, Yak, Temminck’s Tragopan, and many other creatures call this zoo home.

  • Started in:-1958
  • Location:-Darjeeling
  • 7000-foot elevation
  • Timings:-8.30 am to 4.30 pm
  • Entry fees:-INR 20 for Indians; INR 50 for foreigners

8. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan - Zoological Parks in India

This natural garden is the most popular attraction in Bihar. It is home to about 400 different species of animals, birds, plants, and fish.

Sanjay Gandhi botanical garden, also known locally as the Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, is a one-of-a-kind garden noted for its stunning beauty.

Its formation took place in 1969 and is also known as the Patna Zoo. It is home to around 800 animal species, including the Jackal, Himalayan Black Bear, Spotted Deer, and others.

  • Started in:-1973
  • Location:-Patna
  • Area:-0.62 km or 153.2 land portions
  • Timings:-8 am to 5.30 pm
  • Entry fees:-Adults pay INR 30; children pay INR 10.

9. Anna Zoological Park 

Anna Zoological Parks in India

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park was India’s first Zoo, and it is massive. It is India’s most impressive Zoo! It is situated about 15 kilometers from Chennai International Airport and 35 kilometers from the city. 

There are 1500 different species of animals here, including winged creatures, flightless feathery creatures, and nasty insects. It covers 1260 acres and is home to both domestic and exotic species. The Zoo is home to 138 different animal species, including the Himalayan brown bear, lion, tiger, elephant, and more.

  • Started in:-1855
  • Location:-Chennai
  • Area :- 6.03 sq.km or 1,490 land portions
  • Timings:- 9 am to 5 pm
  • Entry fees:- Adults pay INR 50; children under the age of two are free, and children aged two to twelve pay INR 20.

10. Alipore Zoo, Kolkata

Alipore Zoo - Zoological Parks in India

The Zoological Garden in Alipore, Kolkata, has been operating since 1876 and is India’s oldest legally designated Zoo.

This zoological park is arguably most recognized for hosting the 250-year-old Aldabra giant tortoise Adwaita.

The Zoo, one of Kolkata’s most popular tourist attractions, is home to the Bengal tiger, jaguar, African lion, Asiatic lion, Indian elephant, hippopotamus, reticulated giraffe, emu, and other animals.

  • Started in:-1876
  • Location:-Kolkata
  • Area:-46.5 acres of land
  • Timings:-9.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Entry fees:-Adults pay 25 INR, children pay 10 INR.

While many people are still opposed to the concept of keeping animals in captivity, still it is arguable that this is the best chance some animal species have of survival.

In India, several zoos contain exotic and endangered animals. So, when you’re seeing and touring India, be sure to spend some time at these Zoological Parks in India.

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