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6 Adventure Sports In Rishikesh For Every Thrill Seeker Will Force You To Plan a Trip Right Now!!

The adrenaline rush that adventure sports provide is what most people crave. The thrill of adventure sports in Rishikesh brings out the youngsters in all of us. Rishikesh is one such location that provides some of India’s top adventure sports.

Rishikesh is well-known as a hotbed for yoga and meditation. Apart from other tourist attractions, you’ll be shocked to learn that Rishikesh also offers nerve-wracking adventure activities and sports. Thrill-seekers may put their expertise to the test and participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

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The Top 6 Adventure Sports in Rishikesh, Will Make You Book Your Tickets Right Away!

1.)  River Rafting- Best Recreational Adventure Activities

River Rafting- Best Recreational Adventure Activities

River Rafting is one of the popular adventure sports in Rishikesh that draws countless vacationers to Rishikesh. Rafting in Rishikesh allows you to paddle through the sacred Ganga river.

The river’s descent from the Himalayas to the plains via the Shivalik Hills leads to a series of hard and enjoyable rapids and drops. Rafting trips depart from a number of locations upstream of Rishikesh and end at the iconic Lakshman Jhula.

Average Price: About INR 1100 on average

Season: Throughout October until May

Travel Advice for River Rafting
  • During the rafting, don’t be terrified!
  • Learning correct swimming skills is beneficial.
  • Choose a rafting service provider who is licensed and experienced.
  • At all times, you must wear a life jacket and a helmet.

2.) Flying Fox- Awe-inspiring Adventure Sport in Rishikesh

Flying Fox- Awe-inspiring Adventure Sport in Rishikesh

Have you ever imagined yourself flying across the skies? Then I’m confident that the Flying Fox exercise was designed specifically for you.

This action is performed across a one-kilometre stretch at a high pace of roughly 160 km/hr, which adds to the excitement. It’s appropriate for usage at any time of year. It is an amazing adventure that you must try when in Rishikesh. Flying between two hills on a tramway gives you a sense of being in the air.

Average price: INR 1700-1800 on average

Season: Through October till May.

Prerequisites for Flying Fox

The minimum age is 12 years. 

Weight: Minimum 20kg, maximum 130kg.

Travel Advice for Flying Fox
  •  Do not be alarmed.
  • Select a seasoned and dependable adventure service provider.
  • Always put on a helmet.

3.) Kayaking or Canoeing- Popular Thrill Activity

Kayaking or Canoeing- Popular Thrill Activity

One of Rishikesh’s most soothing adventurous sports is kayaking or canoeing, which allows a person to explore the waters in a small kayak or boat as he pleases. Kayaking is a solo pastime that is popular in the Shivpuri area.

The rider may pick his or her level of rapidity according to their physical strength, which is an intriguing feature. Tourists from all around the world have flocked to this water activity.

Average cost: 3000 rupees on average

Best Season: Summer and Spring are the best seasons.

Travel Advice for Kayaking 
  • Keep an eye on the weather and the water temperature.
  • Expect weather fluctuations and the chance of a capsize.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather.
  • Off-shore breezes might make it difficult to get back to the beach.
  • Wear your own flotation device at all times.
  • Bring lots of water with you and remain hydrated.

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4.) Cliff Jumping- An Adventurous Recreational Activity.

Can you imagine jumping from a 35-foot height? Yes, this exciting activity is available in Rishikesh. One of the most popular adventure sports in Rishikesh for visitors visiting Devbhoomi is jumping over a cliff into the river.

This fascinating sport is carried out under expert supervision, with all safety precautions taken, and is not for the faint of heart. The sport, however, is well-liked by both locals and visitors to this location.

Best Season: April-October is the best time to visit.

Average cost: Included in the price of your river rafting trip.

Travel Advice for Cliff Jumping
  • Wear water shoes or sneakers.
  • Never cliff jump by yourself.
  • Make sure the water is sufficiently deep.
  • When jumping, keep your body streamlined.
  • Through your nose, exhale.

5.) Waterfall Trekking- for a Delightful Experience

Waterfall Trekking- for a Delightful Experience - Adventure Sports in Rishikesh

Waterfall Trekking is not strictly an adventure sport in Rishikesh, but it is a blend of adventure and enjoyment. Travellers may go up to the waterfall and marvel at nature’s beauty. In and around Rishikesh, there are a lot of hidden waterfalls. 

These hidden gems, however, are difficult to find. Trekking is required to reach these waterfalls. This is a fascinating excursion that takes you through Rishikesh’s undiscovered locations, which are surrounded by lush greenery.

Best time to visit: April to October, bypassing the monsoon season if possible.

Average PP Cost: 30/- PP for an entry ticket; you may also arrange a hiking excursion for an additional fee.

Travel Advice for Adventure Waterfall Trekking 
  • Wear safety equipment like a helmet and knee guard.
  • Always stay on well-maintained paths.
  • Keep an eye on your steps and avoid treading on rocks that are coated with algae and might be slippery.
  • At the top of the falls, do not lean over a ledge.
  • Put on some solid hiking boots.
  • Maintain your hydration.

6.) Rappelling – An adventurous sport in Rishikesh

Rappelling - An adventurous sport in Rishikesh

Looking for interesting Rishikesh adventure activities? Rappelling is another popular Rishikesh adventure activity for thrill-seekers. As you ascend peaks, let your inner mountaineer out. This wonderful activity necessitates a person climbing down the hills and rocks due to the steep valleys and large stones. One of the greatest sites to do so is here.

Waterfall rappelling is one of Rishikesh’s most exciting sports. Coming down through a waterfall is the second finest water activity in Rishikesh.

Best Time to go: April-October

Average Cost PP: Approx. INR 600/- PP onwards

Travel Advice for Rappelling 
  • For several rappels, use an extension.
  • Dress it up and make it more secure.
  • Always rappel with a backup, which is ideal for safety.
  • Tie knots at the end of every rope.
  • Rappel anchors should be tested.
  • Always check the forecast.

So, now that you know the fun never stops in Rishikesh, when are you going to plan your next big trip with your friends? Make sure you’re prepared and safe. As enjoyable as these hobbies are, a casual approach can be disastrous.

And don’t worry, Adventure sports in Rishikesh aren’t the only thing to do in the area. Uttarakhand’s natural beauty is unrivalled, and there are several luxury resorts and hotels where you may enjoy a comfortable stay, a spa treatment, nature’s delights, and an overall unforgettable trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Sports In Rishikesh

1. One Day in Rishikesh Sufficient for River Rafting?

River rafting in Rishikesh may be done in one day, although it is recommended that you book ahead of time and select your preferred schedule.

2. Is There Paragliding in Rishikesh?

In Rishikesh, Kunjapuri, paragliding is offered. It is an excellent adventure sport to attempt in Rishikesh because it caters to adventurers of all abilities.

3. What Are the Most Exciting Activities in Rishikesh?

Some of the top adventure sports in Rishikesh include river rafting, cliff leaping, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and paragliding.

4. When Is the Ideal Time to Participate in Rishikesh Adventure Sports?

The greatest time to indulge in adventure activities in Rishikesh is between October and March, which is also the most popular season.

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